Navan Smarter Travel

Animated intro for Navan Smarter Travel website

Navan Smarter Travel website

Navan Smarter Travel Bid Document

Design & Pre-Print Production of Advertising, Signage & Bid Document
Website Design & Build

MOLA, and subsequently Emma Curley, were commissioned to prepare a winning entry Bid Document for the Smarter Travel Areas Competition for Navan Town Council. The scope of the Bid Document involved the design and strategic planning of a green, accessible and ‘smarter travel’ vision for Navan, with clear evidence that the wider community of Navan Town were fully involved in the initiative.

My initial role involved the design, phased development and maintenance of the Navan Smarter Travel website and blog page. I also provided artwork for signage and t-shirts for a number of social and cultural events. I also designed and completed the pre-print production of newspaper features for a local newspaper.

The final phase of the project involved the design, formatting and pre-print production of the Bid Document.

I completed the initial phase of this project as an employee of Murray O’Laoire Architects. I worked on the final phases as a consultant.