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I was initially asked to provide a full suite of office stationary, including a new company logo, and to design and construct a website based on an ‘iPhone’ type navigation system. I subsequently worked in-house on 2/3 day contracts on the design, production and assembly of complex tender submissions and design competition entries.

Most recently I was commissioned to develop a new, responsive, WordPress-based website using the Nordic Template as a starting point.
I adapted and enhanced the theme to meet the requirements of MOLA Architecture, as well as addressing performance issues with the current versions of Firefox and Chrome.

Among the significant changes I made to the Nordic theme are:

  • Redeveloped the drop down menu for smaller screens – the original theme version came in too early and also each menu item was the full width of the screen.
  • Added links (icons) for Call, Email, Twitter Facebook & LinkedIn under the menu.
  • Added ‘Search’ under the menu.
  • Designed and built a completely new News section, comprising a News landing page and post template, with a new News posts navigation, for individual News items.
  • Designed and built a completely new People section, comprising a People landing page and post template for individual Staff Profiles.

The new MOLA Architecture website was launched May 2015.