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First-Steps Towards Employability is a Grundtvig funded Learning Partnership that brings together 6 European education providers to share experiences, knowledge and good practice. The countries involved include Romania, Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Ireland. The Irish Education provider on the project is Limerick Clare Education and Training Board (LCETB).

The overall objective of the partnership has been the development of his single and easy adaptable module of ‘essential skills’ to foster employability skills within a disadvantaged learner target group.

I was commissioned by LCETB, my client on the LimerickLifelongLearning.ie project, to design and build the project website – first-steps.eu – which pulls together all the outcomes of the partnership, as well as providing relevant information of the labour market conditions and opportunities across each partner country.
Again my project delivery included my working in VEC offices with my client’s project delivery team on the planning of the site, and the editing, adding and structuring of the content.

I was delighted to be invited in May 2015 to the official launch of the website.