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I was initially commissioned end 2014 to work with Celtic Jewellery Dublin to produce essential marketing material in time for their launch at a RDS exhibition event, January 2014. My client had agreed a license with sculptor and jewellery designer David Marshall to produce David’s celtic themed pieces – which were no longer commercially available – in Dublin. The scope of works included:

  • Create a new identity for Celtic Jewellery Dublin that would complement the ‘Celtic Collection’ logo which my client has finalised with a printer for exhibition artwork and jewellery presentation boxes.
  • Scan images of jewellery from an old brochure for the new brochure and website.
    (I used photoshop’s pen tool to isolate each piece on a transparent background.)
  • Design and produce an 8 page brochure, and arrange print-run with a lithographic printer in time for the exhibition
  • Design and build a new website for Celtic Jewellery Dublin.

I built the website in WordPress using the WooCommerce theme. My client is concentrating on B2B and has decided, for now, not to sell the pieces directly through the website.

I have subsequently been commissioned on a number of occasions to Photograph new pieces for the Celtic Collection, and update the website and brochure.