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MV Tuohy Agri Supplies and Builders Providers
Tuohy Hardware Gardening
Tuohy Hardware
Tuohy Funeral Directors
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Tuohy Auctioneers
Tuohy Auctioneers
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Website Design & Build X 3

The Tuohy Family of Coose, on the Galway Clare border, have operated both their one-stop-shop for all home, construction and farm needs, and their funeral directors service for over 100 years. More recently they have provided an Auctioneers service to their wider community.

I was commissioned by the Tuohy family to provide a complete turn-key solution for 3 new sites, one for each of the family businesses: Agri Supplies & Builders Providers, Funeral Directors and Auctioneers.

After reviewing the needs of the Tuohy family businesses, and that of their community of customers and clients, I planned, designed and built 3 responsive, user-focused, websites. I also planned the Information Architecture and wrote the text for all 3 websites and provided extensive on-site photography of the agri suppliers and building materials, the forecourt, shop, the funeral home and additional support images.